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Three more irresistible tracks…..

Bill Evans (August 16th 1929 - September 15th 1988)














Monica Zetterlund (September 20th 1937-May 5th 2005)














Monica sings ‘I’m so lucky to be Me’





Chet Baker (December 23rd 1929-May 13th 1988)











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Chet Baker (December 23rd 1929 - May 13th 1988)




























Chet’s interpretation gives Bruno Brighetti’s timeless composition the treatment. A beautiful song with spare and piercing lyrics: Nothing wasted here, and every note is made to count just as every word in the song.

The first faltering notes come after almost seeming to have missed their cue – and with that strange yet familiar reverberation of the hollow sound of an exhaled breath passing over the lip of a bottle – or the sound of the wind that comes with – well – less of an echo than the close company of its own sound shadow.

If thoughts made sounds when they emerged out of nowhere – perhaps this is the sound they might make.

When the beauty of summer is too much to bear, and we long for its passing – this is the sound we will recognise as being the sound of the passing of unsaid words.






Sei calda come i baci che ho perduto

Sei piena di un amore che è passato

Che il cuore mio vorrebbe cancellare


Il sole che ogni giorno ci scaldava

Che splendidi tramonti dipingeva

Adesso brucia solo con furore

Tornerà un altro inverno

Cadranno mille pètali di rose

La neve coprirà tutte le cose

E forse un po’ di pace tornerà


Che ha dato il suo profumo ad ogni fiore

L’ estate che ha creato il nostro amore

Per farmi poi morire di dolore




You are as hot as the kisses, that I have lost

You are filled with a love, that is over

That my heart would like to erase


The sun, that warmed us every day

That painted beautiful sunsets

Now only burns with fury

There will come another winter

Thousands of rose petals will fall

The snow will cover all

And perhaps a little peace will return


That gave its perfume to every flower

The summer, that created our love

To let me now die of pain








About the song….



This is the URL for a great blog featuring lots of Chet Baker.


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