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Three more irresistible tracks…..

Bill Evans (August 16th 1929 - September 15th 1988)














Monica Zetterlund (September 20th 1937-May 5th 2005)














Monica sings ‘I’m so lucky to be Me’





Chet Baker (December 23rd 1929-May 13th 1988)










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Bill Evans ( August 16th 1929 - September 15th 1980)















Bill could make cool smoulder – what is there left to say about him? His music speaks for him. He did more with less – his brilliance was always deep and un-superficial, and you already had to be turned a little inward in order to ‘get’ him.  He had incredible style – careful, thoughtful , refined, measured and spell-binding are the words that come to mind when I think of Bill. He could handle anything from a Pavane of Fauré to the serial tonality of a  Schoenberg scale.



If any further proof of Bill’s brilliance is needed here it is.
I don’t know anyone else who could have coaxed this much melodic coherence out of potential atonality.



























Some great sites for information about the late great Bill Evans:






































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