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“Estate,” by Bruno Brighetti  (lyrics) and Bruno Martino (music) is an Italian classic, but it has been sung in English and Spanish as well, and there is even a French version, with remarkably inept lyrics which have nothing  at all to do with the original feeling of the composition.

Listening to this small piece of perfection, so introspective, evocative and mood-suffused, becomes a meditation  – a remembrance of things past.

It captures  completely the feeling of beautiful summer and lost love, when a season of opulence and brilliance becomes a lingering ghost, and when poetry and music come together as if they were in love with each other
In my search for this post, I came across a bewildering number of versions to choose from. I picked the ones which appealed to me the most. My feeling is that it is criminal to take liberties with this song – but there are so many musicians who do: they give in to the temptation to use it as a showcase for their skills, in ways that are less than appropriate and roll over it like a steamroller, with complete disregard for the integrity of the poetry and sentiment at its heart.

This is a song which demands to be performed in a natural and heart-felt manner. Not all the versions here are perfect – but they are the best I could find.

I wish that Chet Baker had been able to collaborate with Bill Evans on this one.

This is a piece of music for which less is always more.























Sei calda come i baci che ho perduto 
Sei piena di un amore che è passato
Che il cuore mio vorrebbe cancellare

Il sole che ogni giorno ci scaldava
Che splendidi tramonti dipingeva
Adesso brucia solo con furore

Tornerà un altro inverno
Cadranno mille pètali di rose
La neve coprirà tutte le cose
E forse un po’ di pace tornerà

Che ha dato il suo profumo ad ogni fiore
L’ estate che ha creato il nostro amore
Per farmi poi morire di dolore


















(English translation)
You are warm like the kisses I have lost
You’re full of a love that has passed
That my heart would wish to erase

The sun that warmed us each day
What splendid sunsets it painted
Now burns only with fury

Another winter will return
And the roses shed a thousand petals
The snow will cover everything
And perhaps a little peace will return.

Which imparted perfume to each flower
The summer that created our love
To make me then die of grief




















(English lyrics)

You bathe me in the glow of your caresses
You’ve turned my timid no to eager yeses
You sweep away my sorrow with your sigh

Oh how the golden sunlight bends the willow
Your perfume sends the blossoms to my pillow
Oh who could know you half as well as I

I always feel you near me
In every song the morning breeze composes
In all the tender wonder of the roses
Each time the setting sun shines on the sea

And when you sleep beneath a snowy cover
I’ll keep you in my heart just like a lover
And wait until you come again to me – Estate






















(Spanish lyrics)

Verano ardiente como el
beso que he perdido
Recuerdos de un amor que ha pasado
Y que me corazón no ha de borrar

Odio el verano
El sol y su calor nos abrazaban
Que esplendidos ocasos nos pintaba
Ahora sólo quema con réncor

volverá un nuevo invierno
y caerán mil pétalos de rosas
la nieve cubrirá todas las cosas        
quizás algo de paz retornará

Odio el verano
que ha dado su perfume a las flores
verano que has creado las pasiones
nacer para morirme de dolor

volverá un nuevo invierno
y caerán mil pétalos de rosas
la nieve cubrirá todas las cosas
quizás algo de paz retornará

Odio el verano
odio el verano
odio el verano
odio el verano
















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