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Maria Callas December 2 1923 – September 16 1977






Regnava nel silenzio

Regnava nel silenzio

alta la notte e bruna…

colpia la fonte un pallido

raggio di tetra luna…

Quando un sommesso gemito

fra l’aure udir si fe’;

ed ecco a su quel margine

l’ ombra mostrarsi

Ah!  l’ombra mostrarsi a me.




Quel di chi parla, muoversi

il labbro suo vedea,

e con la mano esanime

chiamarmi a sè parea.

Stette un momento immobile,

poi rato dileguò.

E l’onda, pria sì limpida,

di sangue rosseggiò.



















Silence reigned                      

Silence reigned

in the night deep and dark,

the fountain gleamed

in the pale ray of a sullen moon,

when a subdued sigh

was made audible in the air,

and then at the fountain’s side

ah! a shadow appeared to me.


As if she were speaking

her lips seemed to move.

and with a lifeless hand

she seemed to beckon me.

She stood motionless for an instant

then she disappeared,

and the water which had been so limpid

became reddened with blood.


















Quando rapito in estasi

Quando rapito in estasi

del più cocente ardore,

col favellar del core

mi gira eterna fe’,

gli affanni miei dimentico,

gioia diviene il pianto…..

Parmi che a lui d’accanto

si schiuda il ciel per me!


When I am enraptured in ecstasy


When I am enraptured in ecstasy

By this most burning love,

With the heart’s own speech

He swears eternal faith to me

I forget my anxiousness,

My tears transform to joy

And it would seem to me

That heaven opens up to me!





















Caro Nome         


Caro nome che il mio cor

festi primo palpitar,

le delizie dell’amor

mi dêi sempre rammentar!

Col pensiero il mio desir

a te ognora volerà,

e pur l’ ultimo sospir,

caro nome, tuo sarà.
















Dear Name                                       


Dear Name,  which made my heart

Throb for the first time,

You make me always to recall

The delights of of love.

In my thoughts, my desires

Fly to your at every hour

And to my final breath

Dear Name, I will be yours.























Porgi Amor      


Porgi amor, qualche ristoro

al mio duolo, a’miei sospir!

O mi rendi il mio tesoro,

O mi lascia almen morir.























O Love, give me…       


O Love, give me something to restore me –

For my suffering, and my sighs!

Either give me my treasure

Or at least, let me die.





























Ernani involami                       

Surta è la notte,

e Silva non ritorna!

Ah, non tornasse ei più!

Questo odiato veglio,

che quale immondo spettro

ognor m’insegue,

col favellar

col favellar d’amore,

più sempre Ernani

mi configge in core.

Ernani!… Ernani, involami                       

all’abborrito amplesso.

Fuggiam… se teco vivere

mi fia d’amor concesso,

per antri e lande inospiti

ti seguirà il mio piè.

Un Eden di delizia

saran quegli antri a me.


Tutto sprezzo che d’Ernani

non favella a questo core,

non v’ha gemma che in amore      

possa l’odio tramutar.

Vola, o tempo,  e presto reca

di mia fuga il lieto istante!

Vola, o tempo, al core amante

è supplizio I’indugiar.



















Ernani, Fly Away with Me                                               


Night has fallen,

And Silva has not yet returned…

Oh, may he never return.

The more this odious old man pursues me,

With talk of love,

The more Ernani is lodged in my heart.

Ernani, flee with me.





Away from this abhorred embrace

Let us flee,  and together with you

If love will be bestowed on me

Even a cave in an inhospitable land  will be for me

An Eden of delight.







My feet will follow you                                  

And even a cave will be for me

An Eden of delight

I disdain everything that of Ernani

To my heart does not speak.

There is no gem which can transform

Hatred to love.

Fly O time, and soon bring back

To the loving heart

That joyful moment of my escape

Fly,  O time, for to the loving heart

Delay is a torment.






















Translations Dia Tsung


Maria Callas needs no introduction. She transformed opera from a showcase for pretty voices into the what we expect of it today – a performance which demands a high degree of acting ability, a voice capable of expressing the drama, meaning and emotion in an aria, and the ability to command the stage. Callas had all these things and more.
A brilliant innovator and interpreter of dramatic roles, Callas made it impossible for opera to revert to its previous (pre-Callas) incarnation when acting was not a skill demanded of singers, and when audiences expected and accepted even the most renowned sopranos and tenors to deliver their dramatic arias with a few stiff and formulaic gestures.
Callas was completely dedicated to her art, and demanded a very high level of commitment from both herself and her colleagues, and much to their chagrin, she sang her rehearsals in full voice. She single-handedly revived the until then forgotten and neglected Bel-canto canon, and infused operatic performances with fresh, authentic and believable interpretations of the roles she played. Anyone who goes to an opera today benefits from Calla’s legacy. The art we now recognise as opera has been individually shaped and  indelibly stamped with Callas’s original brilliance.




For more information on Callas, one can find an extensive submission in Wikipedia.


The Maria Callas official website


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