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Cesaria Evora (August 27 1941 – December 17 2011)















Minha homenagem ao Cesaria.


It is with the profoundest sadness that I heard today of the death of one of my favourite singers, the great Cesaria Evora.  I have enjoyed her wonderful  emotion suffused voice and music for over twelve years.

I know I cannot do her justice in this hastily put-together post, but  let my heart speak for any deficiencies found here. I can follow written Portuguese, but I cannot translate any of the songs I am posting here – except for ‘Maria Elena’,  and ‘Besame Mucho which Evora sings in Spanish, and which everyone already knows!






Besame Mucho









Maria Elena





Mar Azul




















Some sites with information about the late great Cesaria Evora and some tracks from her albums.








“Regresso” From the album Cabo Verde





“Vaquina Mansa” From the album Cafe Atlantico





“Miss Perfumado” from the album Miss Perfumado





“Cretcheu Diceu” From the album Mar Azul



Miss Perfumado – Cesaria Evora.

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