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The things I most like to think about are poetry, music, and writing. I find poetry in particular to be an important focus of my attention because true poetry, in my opinion, besides requiring highly refined and evolved sensibilities, makes the very highest possible demands on our grasp of language. My thinking here is that if we can express our thoughts and insights with both truth and art, our words will acquire the power to take us deep into the realms where what is mystical and what is real are effortlessly intertwined. With few exceptions, the posts you will find here are almost guaranteed to be a challenging read. So if you are looking for an hors d'oeuvre or an appetizer, you probably need to visit another restaurant. I have a strong allergy to the inane and the banal, and the things I consider worth writing about are things which have demanded serious thought from me, and given rise to new insights. This might of course deter many people, but I would not have it any other way. The joy of thinking can be a solitary vice – or virtue – depending on one's view, but the sharing of thoughts can be a real pleasure, particularly if one's views are understood, and one's labours are appreciated. I do not write with the spectre of "the reader over my shoulder," to borrow a phrase from Robert Graves, but solitary as I am, I appreciate the pleasure of encountering a reader who would wish to share the page with me.

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